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We offer Carolina Carports and Orlando Steel Carports!

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No matter how wide or long, we have you covered!

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100% Customizable

Protect your Investment with a Superior Carport

Superior Sheds offers a complete line of carports from single or double car shelters to RV shelters. We have many sizes, configurations and colors to choose from. All Superior Carports are built with strong, time-tested construction techniques with Tri-Coat corrosion protection. Visit one of our Model Centers and park under one! Superior Carports are made in Florida to meet Florida's strict codes. We're so confident in our designs you can even see the engineer drawings.

Tough Exterior to withstand tough conditions

Tri Coat Corrosion protection inside and out all the frame work. All bends are radius bends and all joints are welded 360 degrees. Built to withstand 130 mph wind gusts with 140 mph and 150 mph rating optional.

Professional Delivery & Installation

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Florida's Most Popular Carports

  • Built to the 150 mph wind zone with option of 150 mph or 180 mph

  • Carports can be installed on almost any surface Bare Ground-Gravel-Concrete or Asphalt.

  • Corrosion Protection inside and out of all Framework!