Professional Delivery & Installation

Our Sheds Truly Are Superior

We supply Florida with a variety of sheds for any situation. At Superior Sheds, we build quality sheds that are sure to fit your needs. We have manufactured and installed over 80,000 sheds across the state of Florida and our sheds are delivered right to your home or business!


Our Styles

Bungalow –Simple styling and conventional layout make the Bungalow shed a crowd favorite!
Country Inn – A stylish shed designed to meet HOA requirements and mimic your home!
Cabana – A uniquely styled shed with an island flair that is the perfect choice for people looking for a “Hip” look!
Double Wide – When shed size matters! Can go up to 720 square feet.

Long Lasting and Dependable

When you’re looking to purchase a shed, it’s typically because you need more space to store your valuable belongings. Therefore it’s crucial to have a shed that can you can depend on. All of the sheds we manufacture are made to hold up to Florida’s harsh conditions. Our sheds are created using quality materials and will stay looking new for many years to come.