Shed Delivery & Installation  

Our sheds are prefabricated and fully assembled in our factory and then brought out to your home or business ready to anchor. Check out some of our delivery photos here.

Shed Blocking and Anchoring

We have a unique anchoring system at Superior Sheds designed to withstand Florida’s inclement weather. We engineer all of our sheds to meet the 170 mph wind rating (3 second gusts) required for Miami/Dade building codes regardless of where they will be installed. We train our installation crews to block and anchor to engineered specifications. By visiting one of our lots our Sales Representative can show you why many schools and businesses have faith in our anchoring system!

Getting Your Shed into Your Yard

Our trained and experienced delivery crews are good at finding safe ways to get your shed installed where you want it! Tight fit? No problem. We can crane it over or roll it in. Experience counts!

Quality Check List

Our installation crews have a detailed check-list designed to ensure that you are ready to store your belongings safely. When your shed is inspected by the Building Officials they will be looking at how we blocked and anchored your shed and they will verify set-back requirements. The insignia in your shed and the Engineering Documents we provide verify the construction standard your inspector will be looking for.

Have a Shed that needs to be moved?

Just give us a call at 1-877-439-7433 for a quote.

Enjoy your shed!
*Installation maybe subject to state or local licensing and permit requirements.