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Q: Will I need a permit?

A: Check with your local municipality and also for any deed restrictions. Permits are required by most municipalities. But it’s harmless and easy. Superior furnishes all you need.

*Installation may be subject to state or local licensing and permit requirements.

Q: Is State Approval – State sticker important?

A: Absolutely –  state law requires state approval and state insignia for permitting portable buildings within Florida. (State of Florida, DBPR, Manufactured Buildings: Superior Sheds, Inc. ID MFT – 113, Chapter 553, Part 1, Florida Statutes; Max size of 720 sf.)

Q: Where can I find Superior Sheds, Inc, manufacturing ID?

A: See above.

Q: Are all sheds built to the same standards and wind loads if sold in Florida?

A: ‘NO’ – check the wind load and floor live load. Sheds must meet the wind load of the install area. That could range from 110 MPH – ASCE 7-98 – 3 second gust to 170 MPH ASCE 7-98 – 3 second gust. Superior builds all our sheds to the highest standard – why compromise?

Q: Am I limited on a window and door location?

A: Absolutely Not – Superior designs our sheds around your needs. Door placement and window placement can “add to” or “take away” usable storage space. Design it for best use!

Q: Do I need a concrete slab?

A: No – the floor/deck/skid system coupled with the block/anchor system eliminates the need and cost of a slab.

Q: How can I keep the shed clean and looking new?

A: The big advantage of aluminum lap siding with baked enamel finish is years of quality good looks. No Paint-No Rust-Plus clean it with anything and keep the new look.

Q: How about colors?

A: Pick your color by checking out our shed color chart. Do we have a variety? Body-Roof-Trim You pick’em!