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Are Steel Buildings Safe in a Hurricane? 

Hurricane season is a notorious annual threat to the state of Florida. If you are Are Steel Buildings Safe in a Hurricane?a Central Florida resident who relies on the protective shelter of outdoor storage for your equipment, vehicles, or possessions, then a steel building is the structure for you. Steel buildings are durable outdoor storage structures that are ideal in places where hurricanes are prevalent. Not only are they great for large storage, but they are also incredibly safe — even in the most severe types of weather.

The Hurricane-Safe Qualities of Steel Buildings

• Long-Lasting Durability – Hurricanes have nothing on the long-lasting durability of steel buildings. Steel alone is an extremely strong material, so having an entire building made of it is almost impenetrable.

• Fire-Resistant – Steel has fire resistant properties, so the chances of a fire starting or spreading in a steel building is slim.

• Rust-Resistant – Steel buildings are bolted down with rust-resistant bolts that expand from the water damage that hurricanes tend to bring.

• Wind-Resistant – Steel buildings can withstand being lifted by strong hurricane-force winds up to 180 miles per hour.

• Collapse-Resistant – Steel buildings can also withstand damage from items falling or piling up on them. While snow is not an issue in Florida, a steel building is able to hold a snowfall of up to 120 pounds per square foot.

Additional Benefits of Steel Buildings

• Sizable Storage Space – While steel buildings are arguably safer than most manufactured homes, they are more equipped for storage rather than living. Whether you’re storing a compact car, a boat, or a small airplane, steel buildings are the right fit. Due to their long-lasting durability and size, the items you store in steel buildings will be incredibly safe. Worried about space? Don’t be. Steel buildings can be easily expanded quickly and cheaply.

• Affordable Cost – The average commercial steel building costs between $16-$20 per square foot. This includes all of the parts, delivery, and cost of construction. If you need insulation for your steel building, the cost will increase to about $30-$40 per square foot. However, if you are in Florida, you will want to make sure that you are getting a steel building that is guaranteed to withstand the powerful hurricanes that rip through the Sunshine State. For storm proof steel buildings, reach out to the professionals at Superior Sheds.

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