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Are Wooden or Metal Sheds Better? 

metal shedsA shed can be an exciting and useful addition to your home. In your search for shed options, there are a few factors to consider beyond the size and location. Given the unpredictable weather situations we have in the state of Florida, choosing the construction materials for your shed is an important decision. 

The two most common options for shed construction are metal and wood. With the advancement of the metal industry and increased options in appearance, durability, and ease of assembly, a steel shed is recommended over wood. 

Let us look at some considerations for wooden shed construction: 

 The Case for Wooden Sheds

Wood can provide a more customizable aesthetic that can be painted, repainted, and painted over again. It can have a traditional, home-like appearance that can pair nicely and possibly be matched with your house’s exterior. And, it is flexible in that you can alter its size and shape to best fit the style and size you need. 

With that being said: Wood is very vulnerable. Between termites and the harsh elements, your wooden shed could end up taking a solid beating. Along with that, the up-front and lifetime costs are larger. Construction takes longer, and materials can get expensive.  And with the possibility of needing to repair or rebuild, a wooden shed can be picking your pockets for longer than needed.

Steel Sheds: The Superior Choice

The benefits of steel shed construction are more numerous than you would think:

  1. Affordability. Metal sheds often come in prefabricated kits which alone shaves off expense in the form of less time, labor, and materials. The ease of assembly will have your metal shed up quicker and cheaper.
  2. Durability. Metal does not answer to the elements as easily as wood. With the proper precautions, it can be nearly impervious to critter damage, fire, and moisture-related issues. Aside from natural threats, it can be much easier to secure from theft and vandalism as well.
  3. Appearance. Although metal is sometimes noted for its cold and rigid appearance, the techniques available today can make metal just as attractive and rustic as wood. Color and style options are much more varied than ever before.
  4. Environmentally friendly. The components that make up prefabricated metal sheds are largely recycled material. One day, you can recycle your shed with this same peace of mind.

Superior Quality Sheds Without Compromise

If you are in the market for a durable and affordable shed, Superior Sheds has you covered. Along with sheds, we also develop a variety of specialized outdoor structures including garages, gazebos, and carports. Our expert, friendly staff can help bring your vision to life by helping you design the perfect structure that meets your style and budget. For more information on our body, roof, trim and color options, contact us by phone at 1-877-439-7433 or email us at to discuss your building requirements and preferences.