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The Benefits of Buying Vs. Renting a Shed 

The Benefits of Buying Vs. Renting a ShedWhether preparing for a big move or giving your home some extra space, you may need somewhere to hold your extra storage. However, buying vs. renting a shed can be a difficult decision to make at first glance. While there are likely plenty of rental storage units available in your area that offer space to hold furniture or any other belongings, the costs of renting storage space can be excessive. Ultimately, purchasing a storage shed is the best option to keep your property secure and accessible at a more affordable cost.

Store More for Less when Buying vs. Renting a Shed

Storage units available for rent are typically more desirable when using the space for a temporary period of time — emphasis on temporary. Settling into a new property or selling off your stored items are reasons to consider renting a storage unit over buying one if you don’t plan to keep those items there for long. Rented storage units also tend to be routinely pest-inspected and equipped with strong security systems for top-notch protection of your items. However, purchasing your own shed can offer the very same privileges for half the price in the long run.

If circumstances arise where you find yourself needing to hold onto your storage for longer, rental shed pricing can catch up to you quickly. Rentals typically charge by the month, and the expenses incurred will just grow higher and higher. Conversely, bought storage sheds are paid in full before installation and are covered by homeowner’s insurance, unlike rented units, which can charge added fees at any time for any reason.

The Trouble with Renting a Shed

Not only does renting a storage unit require more from your wallet with monthly payments and surprise fees, but it also requires more of your time. Rentals with ravishing rewards like periodic maintenance and climate control can be hard to come by. Rented units are pre-built and owned, so they are not customizable. Their condition is take-it-or-leave-it. Buying a shed makes you the owner, so you can customize it however you please to best fit your needs.

No doubt, buying vs. renting a shed is your best bet to ensure more quality, customization, and convenience. The professionals at Superior Sheds are dedicated to providing you with an affordable and sizable shed that will complement your property for years to come.

Store More for Less at Superior Sheds

At Superior Sheds, we offer a range of sturdy and stylish sheds available in a variety of dimensions and styles, including classically designed Bungalows, rustic-colored Country Inns, Caribbean-inspired Cabanas, and expansive Double- and Triple-wide sheds for large vehicle storage.

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