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What is the Best Location For My New Shed? 

So you are ready for your brand new shed. You have the design picked out, the color, and you already know what you’ll be storing inside. Now for the most important part; where do you place it? Believe it or not, the location of your new shed will affect your productivity and how long your shed lasts. When deciding where you want to place your new unit, keep the following in mind:

  • Accessibility. What will you be storing in your new shed? If it’s something you’ll often be using, you may want to place your new unit closer to your home or close to the area on your property where you’ll need it the most. Otherwise, you may end up putting off your tasks because you don’t want to make the journey out to it. This is particularly the case for homeowners with a large property. Remember, if it is a shed for your garden, keep it close, but make sure it doesn’t block any valuable sunlight during the day. Don’t forget about the shrubbery around your home, as you may not want to have to trim your trees and branches every month just to have access to your shed.
  • Design. Keep in mind the design of your new shed when deciding where to place it. Which way do the doors open? If you put it in a certain location, will you be able to open doors easily and to their full extent? Make sure you can effortlessly place and remove items in your shed when placed in a particular area. If you add extras to your shed, like a ramp or hose access, make sure your shed is turned the proper direction so they can have their full range of use.
  • Life of Shed. When you choose to buy your shed at Superior Sheds, you’re getting quality built sheds in Florida for Florida weather. Our sturdy units can stand up to the harsh rain and humidity the Florida seasons bring. However, it is still best to keep your shed in a location that will extend its life, so choosing areas away from exposure to excess water or where tree branches could scrape or damage the windows or sides are the best locations for your new unit.

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Whether you’re updating a dated shed or you’re ready to be a first-time shed owner, you can trust the quality and durability of sheds from Superior Sheds. With over two decades of providing Floridians with the highest quality and widest variety of sheds, we truly live up to our name. Best of all, our sheds are inspected and approved by the State of Florida and even meet the stringent codes of the Miami-Dade County wind load requirements. To learn more about the sheds we can offer you, give us a call today at 877-439-7433.