Can You Live In a Shed In Florida? 

Can you live in a shed in Florida

With more people hopping on the tiny-house trend, you might be wondering, “Is it legal to live in a shed in Florida?” Whether or not a shed is a viable option to live in, there are many rules and regulations that regulate converting a shed into a liveable residence, depending on where you live. Here is how you can live in a shed in Florida.

Is It Legal to Live in a Shed in Florida?

The legality of living in a shed varies state-to-state depending on each state’s specific regulations on what constitutes legal housing. However, it is illegal to live in a shed in most states in America.

In Florida, specifically, it is in fact illegal to live in a shed. This is because sheds are built below Florida’s building codes for homes, are not held to the same construction standards as residential buildings, and the slabs they are built on lack proper elements for habitation. Florida also experiences many unique safety issues that contribute to why it is illegal to live in a shed in Florida.

Despite the legal issues of living in a shed, Florida is known for hurricanes, flooding, and temperamental weather, making it an unsafe place to live in a shed. If you’re interested in living in a tiny home in Florida, you should make sure it has proper insulation and requirements that fit the codes of the law, instead of a shed.

Better Uses for Your Florida Shed

Though it may not be legal to use a shed as a permanent residence in Florida, sheds provide a great place to build things, store things, and entertain. Sheds can be converted into a wide variety of versatile spaces such as guest rooms, game rooms, man caves, she-sheds, offices, or art studios.

Superior Sheds in Central Florida

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