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Can You Put Electricity in a Shed? 

Can You Put Electricity in a Shed?

Shed are no longer destined to just be a storage space for gardening tools. Now, sheds can be reimagined into a place for work, play, or lounging around. With this in mind, you may want to install electricity in a shed to make it more customizable for your backyard needs. However, whether or not you can put electricity in a shed depends on a few factors.

Are There Rules Against Installing Electricity in a Shed?

Before starting a residential project, it is always wise to check the zoning rules and regulations in your area. While most areas will allow for you to run electricity in a shed, the likelihood of you needing a permit to do so is very high. While the permitting process may seem like a hassle, it is a vital step because it will both help you avoid fines and ensure that your shed is safe enough to run electricity through.

Furthermore, getting a permit is usually the first step you must take when hiring an electrician to set up electricity in a shed.

Types of Electricity in a Shed

After you get your permits in line, your next step is to pick which type of electricity you want to power your shed with. A common option is to just wire up your shed to your main electrical panel; however, it can be dangerous to do by yourself if you lack experience. Those who are unfamiliar with electric wiring should hire a professional electrician.

If you are instead interested in installing cost-effective solar panels on top of your shed, keep in mind that your shed must be in a location that receives an adequate amount of sunlight in order for it to efficiently generate electricity. 

Once you decide which power source to use, you are that much closer to enjoying lights, heat or air, and convenient access to outlets in an electrified shed.

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