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Can You Use a Shed for Washing Machine Storage? 


Sheds cCan You Use a Shed for Washing Machine Storage?an serve a variety of purposes, including storing garden tools, lawn equipment, and other items. However, sheds can also be used as extra living spaces. People often like to get creative with their sheds, creating home offices, artist’s nooks, man caves and even she-sheds.

However, can a shed store a functioning washing machine? While it may take a bit of work, the answer is yes! You can use your shed for washing machine storage and have it double as a laundry room. Here’s how you can make it work.

Converting Your Shed into a Laundry Room

Turning a shed into a laundry room can free up much-needed space inside your home. Here are a few tips to use when adding a washer and/or dryer to your shed.

  1. Pick the right combination.

    It all comes down to maximizing space. Front-loading machines or smaller units allow you more flexibility within the shed. If you put the washer and dryer side-by-side it creates an extra workspace for folding laundry. On the other hand, if you stack the units it creates more standing room.

  2. Add cabinets and counters.

    Regular-sized cabinets may not fit in your shed, so smaller, custom cabinets could easily be installed to hold laundry soap and other materials. A countertop lets you fold laundry right there in the shed as well.

  3. Iron out the details.

    An ironing board is a must-have when it comes to taking care of your professional clothes. Fortunately, ironing boards can be installed on the shed door and stay folded until it’s ready for use.

  4. Install a sink.

    A utility sink gives you an extra source of water to clean stains or hand wash delicate items. That way, you don’t have to run a full load of laundry for just a few items.

Of course, to use your shed to store your washing machine, you’ll have to run electricity and water to your outdoor shed. You’ll also want to invest in a shed model that is large enough to accommodate each unit. The experts at Superior Sheds are proud to offer a variety of shed styles to fit your every need.

Get a Superior Shed for Washing Machine Storage

At Superior Sheds, we have a wide variety of sizable sheds that can be converted into a laundry room. Our Cabana model sheds offer a large amount of space from the floor to the ceiling, which is perfect for stacking units, while our Country Inn design brings a rustic feel to your backyard and provides an optional porch for air-drying clothes.

Our Superior Shed specialists can work with you to design the perfect laundry room shed or any extra living space you desire.

For more information about our sheds, including styles and specifications, contact our team by calling 1-877-439-7433 to discuss your specific shed building requirements.