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Choosing the Perfect Gazebo: A Comprehensive Guide to Different Styles 

Choosing the Perfect Gazebo: A Comprehensive Guide to Different Styles

There are few outdoor structures more elegant than a gazebo. A great addition to any backyard, a gazebo is the perfect space for an event or to even just enjoy the outdoors. And with so many different styles to choose from, there is sure to be at least one type of gazebo that fits your aesthetic sensibilities. Here are some of the different styles of gazebos you can invest in to add spacious and comfortable outdoor elegance to your property.

Popular Gazebo Shapes and Styles

  • Rotunda

    If you’re searching for a gazebo with a classic look, a rotunda gazebo is an excellent option. With stunning pillars that meet a dome-shaped roof, this type of gazebo is good if you’re going for a European aesthetic on your property or want to use your gazebo as a romantic setting for things like picnics or intimate backyard concerts.

  • Pavilion

    While the rotunda gazebo is usually round in shape, the pavilion gazebo is typically rectangular. Prioritizing an open-air look, a pavilion gazebo is great if you need a space to host a party or event. In fact, many couples are deciding to host their wedding receptions under the arches of a pavilion gazebo. If you’ve ever seen a wedding under a pavilion gazebo, you know that these gazebos look particularly beautiful when decorated with string lights.

  • Folly

    The folly gazebo is the type of gazebo you probably imagine in an English garden where a princess might enjoy a cup of tea. They are opulent, delicate, and beautifully decorated. While the metal construction of this gazebo won’t offer you a ton of sun protection, it will wow anyone who sees it.

  • Victorian

    Another timeless classic, the Victorian gazebo is typically made of wood, and thus, this type of gazebo is usually decorated with stunningly carved patterns. The Victorian gazebo is truly a classy structure that will add elegance to any space.

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Affordable and Durable Gazebo Models Available Near You

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