What Is the Difference Between a Shed and an Outbuilding? 

What Is the Difference Between a Shed and an Outbuilding?

With the rise of “she sheds” and “man caves,” more and more property owners are purchasing and installing sheds to use for nontraditional purposes rather than as a place for additional storage. However, if your shed isn’t being used for storage, then can it even be called a shed, or is it actually something else entirely?

In fact, the more appropriate term for a shed that isn’t being used for storage is an “outbuilding.” While these two terms are often used interchangeably, there are nuanced differences between a shed vs. outbuilding.

Sheds vs. Outbuilding

Sheds and outbuildings are both freestanding structures that can potentially be used for a number of different purposes; however, there are quite a few differences between them, such as:

  • Function

    While a shed’s typical function is for storage, it can potentially be used for other purposes. Meanwhile, it is not as common for an outbuilding to be used for storage. Usually, it is used as a private location to conduct hobby-related activities.

  • Size

    Typically, an outbuilding is much larger than a shed. Its design can also be much more elaborate than an average shed.

  • Price

    Because outbuildings tend to be more substantial than sheds, they can end up being on the more expensive side. Sheds, on the other hand, are typically a cheaper option because of their simplicity.

Buildings Considered to be Outbuildings

A barn or a freestanding garage may be considered an outbuilding because they fit the characteristics listed above. Not only are barns and garages much larger structures, but they also see more activity throughout the day than a shed.

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