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Different Types of Pre-Built Sheds 

Regardless of what type of shed you are looking for, at Superior Sheds we have plenty of options to choose from. We offer customizations on sheds as well as standard sheds that can fit any style, budget, and need. Below are just a few examples of the many popular pre-built shed models we have to offer.

Bungalow Sheds
Durable and requiring minimal maintenance, the Bungalow is a classic style shed with a triangular roof. This shed offers an aluminum exterior that can stand the test of time and will keep it looking good as new for years. Customize your bungalow with colors ranging from lagoon blue and ivy green to burnt sienna. You can also complete your bungalow look with a “Floridian” eve over the standard eve.

Double-Wide Sheds
If you find that a single-wide shed does not provide you with enough space, then the double-wide is the option for you. With three different double-wide options, you’ll have several choices to get the extra space you need. Each of our double-wide sheds provide additional overhead space and the potential of having nearly 720 square feet of space.

Country Inn Sheds
Designed to look similar to your home, the Country Inn pre-built shed combines storage with style. With multiple options when it comes to color, siding, and roofing, you can customize this shed to your liking. Finish your look with our optional porch that will add additional touch to your stylish new shed.

Cabana Sheds
Adding a Cabana model to your space will give you the island touch. With unique roofing that provides a vaulted ceiling feel, the Cabana also offers a variety of color, roofing, and siding options. You can complete the look of your Cabana with the optional Bahama style windows that will make you love your shed even more.

Discover Your Perfect Pre-Built Shed Today
At Superior Sheds, we take pride in customizing a pre-built shed that matches the image you have in mind. Catering to any style, budget, and need, our experienced staff will help you visualize a specialty shed design and bring to life a structure that is perfect for you. We prefabricate all of our sheds in a controlled environment which allows all steps of the construction process to be tested and inspected prior to your home delivery. Additionally, our state-approved sheds make the shed permitting process a quick and easy one.

Superior Sheds is here to assist you. To find out more information on all our pre-built shed options or to discuss specific building requirements, send us an email or call us today at 1-877-439-7433.