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Do I Need a Permit for a Freestanding Carport? 

Do I Need a Permit for a Freestanding Carport?

A multi-purpose structure that is easy to install, a freestanding carport can be a valuable addition to a home that lacks a garage. Not only can a well-designed, freestanding carport protect your cars, boats, and/or trailers from damaging UV rays, but these steel structures can also complement your Central Florida home since they are available in different sizes and colors. However, if you are thinking about adding a freestanding carport to your home, then you will first need to follow a few steps.

What You Need for a Freestanding Carport in Florida

In the state of Florida, homeowners need a building permit to construct a freestanding carport. If the structure is in a fixed place and cannot move from the property, then it qualifies as a permanent structure. To get a building permit, you need to contact your local government agency to get more information on the exact type of permit you need. The permit application process typically requires a small fee; however, getting a permit for a freestanding carport is easier to acquire than a lean-to carport.

Risks of Building a Freestanding Carport Without a Permit

Homeowners can face several consequences over building a freestanding carport without securing a building permit. If you place the structure in a dangerous spot on your property, it could be deemed as a safety hazard. If so, you could face legal issues with the local government or homeowner’s association (HOA), which involves fines and perhaps even the confiscation of your freestanding carport.

Additionally, when you decide to sell your home in the future, a freestanding carport without a permit can cause trouble with potential buyers and prevent you from closing until it is demolished.

Your Source for High-Quality Freestanding Carports in Florida

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