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Hacks to Save Space in Your Shed 

While many homeowners are hoping to find ways to stock up time and money, shed storagea large majority are more concerned with saving space inside the house. However, they sometimes forget to maximize the areas around it. If you’re running out of room, start thinking smarter about the storage inside your shed with these space-saving hacks.

Install Wall Shelves

Whether you’ve got books to store, collectibles to display, or items that just need a place of their own, wall shelves can turn your everyday things into shed decorations. You can also alleviate a ton of room by placing your stuff on a floating shelf instead of a standing shelf that would just take up unnecessary room. For added area, try fitting them in an uncommon place, like above your windows and doors, so you can hold onto even more valuable walls space.

Buy Storage Furniture

As a shed owner, you sometimes have to get a little creative with storage. Fortunately, a lot of interior design companies have already done the thinking for you. With so many multi-functional furniture pieces, there are endless options for you to decorate your space with as much purpose as possible. For example, storage benches can host your items like sports gear or shoes, while also serving as the perfect seating arrangement.

Put up a Pegboard

There’s no need to sacrifice a bunch of floor space to storage bins when you can place your garden supplies and other tools right on a pegboard. Simply drill the right-sized board into the wall of your shed, and use it to hang long- and short-handle equipment that would otherwise require room leaning against the side of your shed or hanging out in an unorganized drawer.

Opt for Smaller Windows

Windows can make or break a shed for some, but there’s no denying the fact that they can also take up a lot of much-needed wall space. Make more room in your shed by compromising on smaller windows and smarter placement. You can still get plenty of natural light with the right window placement and a little less windowpane. Plus, you’ll have added wall space to hang yard tools, craft supplies, and other items.

Use Overhead Lighting

Floor lamps take up necessary square footage that could otherwise be used for heavy furniture. To keep your shed clean and bright with plenty of room to spare, open up the floor by hanging your lights overhead. Install ceiling bulbs for well-rounded lighting or opt for wall sconces to turn any corner into the perfect reading area.

Save Space With Superior Sheds

If you don’t already have one, pick out the shed that will save you the most space and fit your style right here at Superior Sheds. As Central Florida’s premier provider of sheds, gazebos, and garages, we can help you maximize every inch of space. If you want even more room, opt for a double- or triple-wide shed to fit the items that take up the most surface area. To free up some storage around your home, call us today at 1-877-439-7433.