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Hip vs Gable Roof Garages: An In-Depth Comparison 

Hip vs Gable Roof Garages: An In-Depth Comparison

Whether you’re looking to rebuild your garage or create one from scratch, you’ll want a roof design that’s sturdy and stylish. Two common garage roof styles include the hip and gable roof. While each has its own benefits, there are differences between hip vs gable roof garages that are worth considering.

What Are Gable Roof Garages?

The gable roof garage is a classic style found on many homes. It features two sections of roof that slope in opposite directions, creating a triangular shape from the front and back of the garage. Reverse gables are also common where the gables extend in opposite directions from the traditional style.

What Are Hip Roof Garages?

Hip roofs are another common style seen in many garages. Instead of only two sloping sides, there are four sloping roof sides that meet at a point or ridge at the top. Each side is equal in size and length.

Differences Between Hip vs Gable Roof Garages

  • Aesthetic Differences

    The stylistic look of hip and gable roof garages are very different. The gable roof style is unique and eye-catching. It’s easier to customize a gable or reverse gable roof by adding windows or side trims. However, a hip roof garage may be nice if you want to give your house a clean, standard look that matches the aesthetic of your neighborhood.

  • Durability Differences

    A hip roof is sturdier and stronger because it requires more materials and construction. Rain will easily slide off both styles, but hip roofs can better withstand stronger and higher winds. For more protection during hurricane season, a hip roof will be the best option for your garage.

  • Cost Differences

    Cost can be another major factor in deciding roof style. While the price difference isn’t huge, hip roof garages are more expensive to install because of their complex design and installation process, whereas gable roof garages provide an affordable option for many homeowners.

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