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How Can I Keep My Shed Clean and Looking New? 

How Can I Keep My Shed Clean and Looking New?Your shed is probably looking its best or its worst right now, there is no in-between. Over time your shed has likely accumulated dirt, disorganization, and a bad smell. Fortunately, there are four simple steps that you can take to help transform your shed into a cleaner, newer looking, easier to maintain, and more organized space for your outdoor projects.

Occasionally Empty out and Sweep Your Shed

The interior walls and floors of your shed will get dirty with dust and cobwebs over time unless they are maintained. Empty out your shed at least twice a year and sweep the inside. If you own a leaf blower, use it to your advantage to get rid of all the debris as fast as possible. Once you’re ready to put everything back inside your shed, use it as an opportunity to get everything properly organized.

Categorize When Cleaning

Your shed has a lot of stuff in it and the easiest way to figure out what to do with everything is to organize it into separate piles: keep, donate, sell, throw away. The easiest pile to categorize would be the keep pile, as these are the stored necessities that you can’t get rid of. When figuring out what to donate, make sure it is still in decent condition and functions properly. For items of value that you can part with, you can try selling them on social media platforms like Offer Up or Facebook Marketplace. Anything that doesn’t work anymore should be thrown away.

Hose off the Outside of Your Shed

Just like anything that resides outdoors, sheds can get filthy if not washed off every now and then. If your shed consists of aluminum or vinyl siding, a power washer would work great to get rid of built-up grime and mildew. Just be sure to limit pressure by standing back to avoid damaging your shed. If a power washer seems too strong for your shed, you may want to lean towards a simple spray-down with a garden hose. Regardless of which cleaning method you decide to use, as long as your shed gets a nice scrub and rinse every so often, you can extend its lifespan considerably.

Add Labels to Your Shed Items

Feel free to get creative with this part and have a little fun with your labels. You can try categorizing your lawn tools under green labels, blue labels for fishing necessities, and red labels for household tools. This method of organization will allow you to know exactly where everything is and save you a ton of time when searching your shed for the item you need.

Upgrade to a Superior Shed

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