How Close To a Fence Can You Build a Shed? 

How Close To a Fence Can You Build a Shed?

Sheds are incredibly useful for storing tools, lawn equipment, or gardening materials in a safe space. If you want to build a shed for the outside of your home, you should first think about the purpose of the shed, how you’re planning to use it, and how easy it is to access in the given space you have. However, when adding a shed to your property, there are also specific factors you should keep in mind if you plan on building it close to a fence.

4 Considerations for Building a Shed Near a Fence

The following considerations should take place before actually installing or constructing a shed near the fence line of your property.

  1. Accessibility

    Make sure there is enough room around the shed to mow and clean between the shed and fence, but also keep in mind the size and movement of the door to enter and exit the shed. The recommended placement of a shed is near a paved path for easy access and reducing the risk of flooding.

  2. Breathing Room

    In order to avoid potential buildup of mold, mildew, and rot growth, it is advised that you should leave space between a fence and a shed. This allows air to flow more freely and reduces the chances of dampness between the shed and fence.

  3. Neighbors

    Although you may not be building a shed on your neighbor’s property, it is courteous to consider how close the shed is to their property line. Avoid installing sheds that are close to a fence, as it can cause problems with current or future neighbors.

  4. HOA Restrictions

    Before building a shed near a fence or property line, you must check that there aren’t any outdoor shed building permissions, restrictions, or requirements that need HOA approval prior to construction.

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