How Our Sheds Are Built for Florida Weather 

Florida’s weather patterns swing periodically each year, but rainfall is a near rain coming down on shedcertainty during the spring and summer months. Ahead of seasons with excessively heavy storms, Florida residents prepare by locking down their homes and ensuring that every structure on their property — from carports to storage sheds — can weather Mother Nature. If you currently own or are in the market for a storage shed, you should upgrade or invest in a stormproof unit that can withstand severe weather conditions. Fortunately, at Superior Sheds, we provide customers with durable and resilient sheds for all types of weather.

Surpassing Florida Winds

Poorly-designed, sheds cannot last speeds greater than 150 mph. Such basic structures will collapse at the hands of a natural disaster — especially since hurricane seasons strengthen over time. That’s why we update our equipment to guarantee whether rain or shine, your shed will remain properly intact.

In fact, our superior sheds hold a record for exceeding structural regulations under Florida’s Standard Building Code. Not only can you purchase an expertly-constructed shed that can withstand winds up to 180 mph, but you may obtain one of our double wide units known for its ability to withstand wind speed of 190 mph.

Our Process and Involvement

Before our team steps foot on your property, we will first go over all aspects regarding your shed’s establishment. Our four-step process includes:

  • Defining Structure Type — We’ll discusses the overall structure of your shed. This will involve your preferences and alternative wants and needs.
  • Document Location/Weather — You will be asked, prior to building, where your unit will be located. Depending on weather conditions, staff will advise where the shed can be most beneficial all year long.
  • Official Site Layout — A blueprint is designed to illustrate how your shed’s formation should appear in the final stage.
  • Construction Time — Our Superior Sheds team will construct your shed while referring back to you for guidance.


Enhanced Structure Protection

All shed components are built specifically for Florida weather. Such tools, like our siding elements, can reduce solar heat and decrease chances of access moisture. As displayed in our Bungalow model, we offer a standard lap-sided aluminum-baked-enamel exterior that is energy efficient, durable, and requires minimal maintenance.

Our sheds’ foundations are also grounded to prevent skid and movement from severe weather events. For instance, we utilize joint attached skids with Simpson Hurricane Fastening Systems in our Country Inn units. Such reinforcement will allow you to rest easy knowing your shed is properly rooted during intense seasonal months.  

Florida’s Shed Experts

While the threat of hurricanes will always exist in Florida, that concern doesn’t have to apply towards your shed. At Superior Sheds, we ensure that every structure is well-equipped during harsh weather patterns. Furthermore, all of our available units are customized to not only fit your personal preference but also comply with the state’s terms of security, safety, and protection.

For superior customer satisfaction and a dependable shed, schedule an appointment with Superior Sheds today by calling 1-877-439-7433.