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How to Build a Hurricane-Proof Storage Shed 

How to Build a Hurricane-Proof Storage Shed

Building a shed to stand against the extreme winds and rain of a hurricane can be a daunting challenge. Here are a few tips when crafting your hurricane-proof storage shed.

Building Tips for a Hurricane-Proof Storage Shed

  • Set a Strong Foundation

The first and most crucial step in building a hurricane-proof storage shed is laying a steady foundation to keep it grounded. Concrete slabs or piers will be the best options. Slabs will need reinforcement to stand against winds, and piers are beneficial in flood-heavy areas.

  • Select a Sturdy Material

You don’t want your shed to blow away at the first gust of wind. Heavy metal for your walls and roof will keep it in place. Sturdy lumber will also do the trick if you prefer wood. Make sure it’s reinforced to your foundation with anchors, bolts, and ties.

  • Choose a Durable Roof Design

Roofs with a broken-up surface area will be able to withstand stronger winds. Gable or hip roof styles are popular and help achieve this goal. Make sure there isn’t too steep of an overhang. This can cause uplift, which is wind that has the capability of picking up your roof from its walls.

  • Add Shutters and Shields

Hurricane shutters are usually made from steel and are permanently attached to windows or doors. They can be cranked out at a moment’s notice to protect the most vulnerable parts of your storage shed. It’s a cheap way to hurricane-proof glass or other fragile areas.

  • Consider a Premade Model

Deciding what kind of hurricane-proof storage shed to invest in can be difficult. There are a lot of steps and features needed to ensure your shed is hurricane-ready. Fortunately, Superior Sheds has experience with Florida weather. We know what types of sheds can withstand the elements, and our Bungalow, Cabana, Country Inn and Double-Wide models are sturdy, versatile, and weather-resistant.

Your Superior Hurricane-Proof Storage Shed Supplier

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