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Is a Barn the Same as a Shed? 

While similar in appearance, a barn is not the same as a shed. In fact, barns and sheds have many different qualities to offer in terms of size, structure, and usage.

The Difference Between Barns and Sheds

Whereas sheds are smaller in size, barns are traditionally larger outdoor structures located on farms, often built up to sizes of 8,100 sq ft. Additionally, sheds are built with slopes in one direction, while a frame roof is used for barns.

Barns are primarily used for housing farm animals like horses, sheep, pigs, and livestock. They are also used to store agricultural tools and feed such as hay and grain. Sheds are often used to store outdoor household necessities like mowing equipment, lawn tools, and ladders.

Benefits of Owning a Shed

While barns generally serve agricultural purposes, sheds can serve multiple purposes that offer residential homeowners a creative and spacious outdoor setting to store their belongings or explore their passions. Some of the many benefits and possibilities that a shed provides include:

·        Extra storage space for household tools        ·        Gym space
·        Safely storage for important belongings ·        Pool house
·        Added value to your home

·        Garden shed

·        Art studio

·        Children’s play area

·        Home office space ·        Man Cave or She Shed for recreational fun

Types of Superior Sheds

Sheds not only offer many versatile benefits, but they are also available in several different styles. The shed professionals at Superior Sheds offer the following types of outdoor shed options:

  • Bungalow

    A vintage style shed offered in different sizes has a spacious advantage for household tools.

  • Cabana

    A low maintenance shed type with a tropical touch and multiple color options.

  • Country Inn

    The simplest form of shed we offer includes siding options in vinyl, perma board, and wood grain.

  • Double and Triple Wide

    Offered in sizes up to 20’ x 36’, these sheds are perfect for storing cars as well as other large equipment.

Contact Your Local Shed Experts

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