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Organizing Your Garden Supplies with a Shed 

Gardening is relaxing, good exercise, and a wonderful way to make your property unique and beautiful. However, gardening also requires a myriad of tools, equipment, pots, and nutrients, not to mention the plants, bulbs, and seeds themselves. Without a place to store all of these items, your beautiful garden could end up looking more like a mess. That’s where a garden shed can help.

How to Store Your Garden Supplies in a Shed

However, having a shed is just part of the equation. Being able to find what you need quickly is also essential. That’s where a good organization plan comes into play. With a good plan, you won’t have to move big items to get to your gloves, or your seeds. Everything will have its own place. There are many ways to do this. Consider the following:

  1. Hang your hoses on the wall.

Hoses can become unwieldy and take up a lot of your floor space. Get those hoses out of your work area by hanging them on the wall. Choose large hooks with a generous upwards slant for best results.

  1. Stow your long-handled tools on the inside of your shed door.

Your rake, shovel, pitch fork and edger are all items you need regularly, but they can also take up a lot of room in the shed. Avoid this by hanging them on a rack attached to the inside of the door. That way, they are always nearby without being under foot.

  1. Make good use of magnets.

Since a large number of small tools are metal, attaching them to the wall with a magnetic strip makes it easy to keep your shed uncluttered, while always having what you need nearby.

  1. Use open shelves

Open shelves—for your fertilizer, pots, and other garden paraphernalia—help you keep organized while also letting light pass through. After all, you don’t want your shed to feel like a dungeon.

Superior Sheds to Fit Your Every Need

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