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The Safety and Security Features Available for Sheds 

The Safety and Security Features Available for ShedsHaving security and safety features for your outdoor shed is important to prevent someone from breaking into your shed and taking your personal belongings. Here are a few shed security tips to ensure your storage shed remains durable and secure year-round.

Helpful Shed Security Tips

  1. Consider security during installation

    When installing your shed, place it somewhere hidden from street views so it doesn’t become a target for thieves. Invest in a metal shed, if possible, as they are more durable than wood or plastic sheds. If your shed ever gets damaged, patch any holes and use braces for sagging doors. It is vital to make sure your shed cannot be lifted, so invest in strong shed anchors to anchor it to the ground. Your shed’s hinges should also be hard to find and difficult to unscrew.

  2. Lock up your shed.

    Locks work well to secure sheds and deter would-be thieves. Metal combination locks or padlocks with hardened shackles are hard to remove or cut through. Make sure your lock is waterproof, or else it will begin to rust over time.

  3. Reinforce your windows

    Sheds with windows are more vulnerable to break-ins. After all, thieves are tempted to steal what they can see. Use frosted glass, tinted privacy films, or curtains to conceal your belongings and hide your valuables to keep them from being seen. You can keep your shed extra secure by reinforcing your windows with hard to break, all-weather or double paned-glass. Security bars can also be installed on the windows and doors of your shed to make it more difficult for someone to break in.

  4. Invest in electronic security devices

    Motion sensor lights can be used to deter thieves and alert you when someone approaches your shed or when something is opened or broken. Security cameras can provide a visual deterrent to thieves and can be used to identify someone who manages to break-in to your shed. Even a dummy camera can be helpful at scaring away burglars. Having a motion-detecting light is helpful in theft prevention. A shed alarm can be used to sound an alarm if someone tries to break into your shed.

If you are worried about shed security in your area, the expert staff at Superior Sheds can help you pick a shed model that is right for you and your property and go over different shed security options to keep your shed protected.

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