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Should I Get a Carport or a Garage? 

Should I Get a Carport or a Garage?

To protect your vehicles against the elements, you may have considered investing in a structural addition to your home. In most cases, homeowners can choose to install either a carport or a garage; however, which structure you choose will depend on a few factors. Here are some important considerations that will help you decide whether you should get a carport or a garage.

How to Choose Between a Carport or a Garage

When making the big decision between a carport or garage, looking over some of the benefits and downsides of each option can be helpful. Details about their appearance, storage, sizes, and security all make a difference.

4 Facts About Carports

  1. Carports are often fully open structures with four corner posts and a roof.
  2. They can be modified later to include walls or even become a full-fledged garage.
  3. They are easy and quick to build.
  4. They can be used as a patio or workspace, but in general, provide less security and space than a garage.

Although they may not immediately offer as much space for storage as a garage, carports are much cheaper and can be easily modified, detached, and attached while still sheltering your car.

4 Facts About Garages

  1. Garages are almost always fully closed with four walls.
  2. They provide more safety for vehicles and space to park inside.
  3. They can be climate-controlled and converted into a space for living or storage.
  4. Their construction is more pricey than a carport and in many cases, the style must match the property.

A garage is a much more solid and permanent structure than a carport, however, they require significant building costs and must conform to your area’s building codes.

Consider Your Needs

Ultimately, it is best to carefully consider the pros and cons of each option thoroughly before investing in a carport or a garage for your residence. If a garage’s expensive price tag, longer build times, and more regulations are not what you have in mind, then a carport may better suit your budget, building codes, and design needs. And remember, a carport can always be converted into a garage at any time.

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