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The Benefits of Steel Buildings 

Steel is one of the most widely used building materials used in construction today, mainly due to its durability, versatility in different projects, as well as its affordability. No matter the project, there is a good chance that steel is being used to help galvanize it – from home construction to a home shed.

Steel is used for the construction of roads and rails, building infrastructures, and development of modern architecture from airports to parks. One of the main reasons why steel is used in so many construction projects is due to it being one of the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material, making it ideal for buildings that put a capital on living space. Due to the manufacturing process, steel is highly consistent — it can get consistently straight walls, functioning doors, entryways, and square corners of structures.

Steel Building Vs. Other Construction Types

  • Wooden versus steel. When it comes to labor costs, time is money. Labor is typically one of the most significant expenses of any project, and many times the price that a homeowner pays for their projects is largely due to labor cost and transportation. Wood requires skilled laborers must spend time gathering, sizing, cutting, and framing. With steel constructs, you have all of that done before it gets to the job site. Steel studs weigh less than wood studs, making easier and cheaper to handle and transport. There is also structural strength and integrity — wood can be sturdy, especially when it is properly cared for. The problem is that it is susceptible to organic compounds like moisture, pests, and weather that can crack and warp it. With steel, it can withstand the effects of seismic movements, while being impervious and resistant to fire.
  • Concrete versus steel. The majority of circulating steel comes from recycled materials. The recycling cycle ensures that the material is much cheaper when compared to other materials. Even though the price can fluctuate, it typically remains a less expensive option compared to concrete. While steel and concrete is naturally fire resistant, when concrete is used for building construction, many of the adjacent components used are not fire resistant. There’s also a cycle of sustainability — structural steel is recycled, and due to its long lifespan, steel can be adapted multiple times with minimal compromise to its structural integrity. Concrete needs to be taken care of and maintained.

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