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The History of Sheds 

Although our ancestors were far less materialistic, they still gathered some excess goods that required some more storage. Whether settling to start a kingdom or traveling to forage for food, the first of mankind also saw the use in having a safe space to store valuables—but a lot has changed since the first utility shed took shape.  

Sheds in the Textbooks

The first explorers were nomads who didn’t necessarily need a solid foundation to help them settle down; however, they still needed a place to store their tools when they set up sites. Unfortunately, researchers don’t have incredibly extensive evidence of the earliest forms of sheds, because they were originally built with lackluster materials sourced by hunters and gatherers.

Sheds in the Society

Although there is little information on the exact materials, styles, or floorplans of most early sheds, researchers understand that these fixtures eventually became a sign of status. Because, only royal or noble citizens could afford additional storage on top of their existing structures. However, the early architects of these structures failed to fortify them with strong materials, which is why even the most luxurious sheds are lost in history. 

Sheds in the Community

When sheds made their way into the yards of neighborhoods, homeowners began customizing them to match their style. Throughout the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, owners introduced painted patterns, artistic window installations, and new roofing techniques to replicate their homes. Turning sheds into anything from studios to studies, homeowners also started using them for more than just storage. However, due to the use of wood sidings, many of these structures decayed and collapsed over time.

Sheds in the Spotlight

Sheds became so popular that they influenced an era of artistic vision in architecture. Between 1965 and 1985, the “Shed Style” became a popular plan for full-scale homes. These developments saved energy by replicating shed designs of window placement, roofing, and siding materials, but they eventually lost popularity because of the high maintenance and high costs required.

Sheds in the Present

Utility sheds are now built to last and look great, and they aren’t exclusive to royalty. Thanks to durable and affordable materials like aluminum and vinyl, virtually any homeowner can have an installation that builds their home history. And, with more customization options than ever before, sheds can truly elevate the outdoor environment in any yard.    

Utility Sheds in Central Florida

Whether you want a utility shed inspired by your own artistic vision or modeled to replicate the decade of your dreams, you can count of the team at Superior Sheds. Our shed selection features an endless display of designs, and we create each installation to last throughout the history of your home. For more information on our superior service and sheds, call us today at 386-774-9861.