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Turn Your Shed into a Man Cave! 

All men need their ‘boy time’ and there is no better place for that than a designated Man Cave. While many men decide to build their man cave in either their den or basement, some homeowners may not have the adequate space for it. This is when many menfolk turn to the use of sheds to create their own private space to relax in. Here are some ways you can customize your shed to transform it into the perfect man cave.

Comfort. When you choose to make your shed a ‘man-haven’ you need to make sure maximum comfort is achieved. To do this, your shed will need to be insulated and have a/c and electricity. Since sheds are relatively small, this can be easily done by an electrician, or even on your own if you know how to install it correctly. 

Seating. Grab a couple of bean bag chairs, a cheap couch, or even go all out and give your luxury lazy boy a new home. Get creative by rigging up a hammock or other fun kinds of hanging chairs. Just be sure to have plenty of spots for you and your boys to crack open a cold one.

Entertainment. Once you have electricity running through your new cave, it’s time to get your entertainment hooked up. Whether you’re all about sports, video games, or video game sports, you’ll need a TV to enjoy them on. Install a sound system to enjoy music and movies better than ever before. But don’t just rely only on electronics for entertainment. Add a pool table, dart board, and your favorite board games.

Refreshments. Make sure you’ve got a mini-fridge (or even regular-sized fridge) stocked with your favorite cold ones. Once you enter the man cave, you won’t want to have to keep returning to your home to get drinks. Or even better, install a full functioning bar if you’ve got room. You may need to spare some extra cash, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

Quality Sheds

Buying a shed is an investment, so you’ll want to make sure you purchase the highest quality of shed you can get. At Superior Sheds, our over two decades of experience proves that we never sacrifice quality or design when it comes to building you the perfect man cave. Our tough units are built in Florida designed specially to resist the harsh Florida storms and heat. As Florida’s number one shed manufacturer, you can’t trust anyone else to build you a shed as perfect as we can. To learn about all the types of sheds we can offer you, call us today at 877-439-7433.