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Turning Your Shed Into a Man Cave 

Every home improvement project brings your property one-step closer man-caveperfection. But when you’re yearning for a space of quiet solitude or a private area to freely turn up the volume, designing your man cave becomes the project that towers over all the rest. Fortunately, for those who don’t have quite the square footage to turn a wing of their house into a hobby studio or display room for prized collections, there’s an affordable outdoor option that can easily accommodate. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you turn a standard shed into a full-fledged man cave.

The Preparation Process

Before you make any moves or schedule any shipments, lay your transformation on paper. By drawing out the dimensions you’re working with, the items you want to deck out your space with, and the installations you need to make your man cave manifest, you can foresee any bumps in the road and avoid hitting them. Some early questions to consider in the preparation process include:

  • What is the primary use of your man cave (maybe a personal gym or art studio)?
  • What size shed do you own or plan to purchase (single- or double-wide)?
  • What furniture and attachments do you want to see in your space (chairs, shelves, rugs)?
  • Will you need any utility installations (water, electricity, etc.)?
  • If you already own a shed, where will you store the current contents?
  • Would you rather have natural light or install your own?
  • What is the foundation of your current or soon-to-be shed?
  • If you already own a shed, is it in condition to support your renovations? Or, will you need to pick out an entirely new unit?

When you’re ready to put your man cave plans to paper, sketch out the empty interior of your shed and fill the blueprint to your liking. Once you’ve got your man cave composition, set yourself up with a chronological checklist to organize your project from start to finish. Place major renovations at the top of your list and end it with your smaller details. Now that you have your checklist on track, you’re ready to head out and gather the tools to tackle the project.

Executing Your Update

After mapping out your plans, you can really get to work. For certain projects, like electrical input, you’ll need some professional clearance. However, for most other physical upgrades, you can spearhead the tasks all on your own—or with some help from your man cave comrades.  

You might be itching to settle into your own personal area, but don’t let your excitement overpower the necessary wait time. And don’t skimp out on safety equipment. Helmets, gloves, and protective shoes are going to keep your upgrade on schedule without preventable setback. Likewise, setting aside enough time for paint to dry, concrete to set, and glue to bond will keep your cave intact for years to come.

Your Superior Shed Supplier

If you need a private spot to host your pride-and-joy collector’s items, treasured instruments and albums, or wall-shaking sound system, contact the shed specialists at Superior Sheds. Our team can set you up with a single-, double-, or triple-wide shed to support your ultimate man cave modifications. We’ve helped homeowners accomplish their wildest property dreams for over 25 years, which gives us the diverse knowledge to turn yours around, too. To pick a shed that fits your budget and fulfills your expectations, contact us today at 1-877-439-7433.