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7 Ways to Organize Your Work Shed 

7 Ways to Organize Your Work Shed

If you currently have a work shed in need of organization or are looking to buy a work shed to organize all of your clutter, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you get organized, here are seven simple ways for you to organize your work shed and get your backyard in working order.

Work Shed Organizing Tips

Organize your work shed with the following tips:

  1. Install a rack for holding tools.

    Installing a tool rack is a great way to organize and store your tools, get rid of clutter, and free up counter and floor space.

  2. Create an external cupboard.

    If you run out of space within the shed, a good way to add additional storage space is by building a cubby or shelving on the outside of your shed to hold your tools and garden supplies.

  3. Make a pegboard organizer. 

    If you have wall space, it is easy to add a pegboard for more storage. You can use a variety of hooks and attachments depending on the storage needed, as well as labels for organization.

  4. Build a potting bench.

    Creating a bench specifically for doing plant work will help keep potting supplies organized and potential messes easier to clean.

  5. Construct a lumber rack.

    Building a rack for your wood will keep logs off the floor and allow circulation between the wood to preserve it and prevent mildew and rot.

  6. Add storage drawers.

    You can make DIY drawers or buy them to add a stylish way to store and organize your tools or other belongings inside your work shed.

  7. Ensure the storage of hazardous materials.

It is extremely important to hide hazardous materials such as chemicals in a locked cabinet or drawer, so kids and pets cannot access them in your work shed.

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