What Are the Best Sheds for Florida Weather? 


WhiWhat Are the Best Sheds for Florida Weather?le Florida is known for its sunny, sweltering weather, the other side is hurricane season. Florida is extremely prone to hurricanes, so it is important your home and shed are hurricane and weather-proof.

Here are some suggestions for some of the best sheds for Florida weather.

What the Best Sheds for Florida Weather Should Include

A weather-resistant shed should include pressure-treated skids and floor joists attached to a Simpson Hurricane Fastening System for added protection. At Superior Sheds, all of our shed styles are built to the aforementioned specifications and are designed to withstand Florida’s most intense elements such as sun, wind, rain, and hail.

The Best Shed Is a Superior Shed

There are many sturdy, durable, and wind- and weather-resistant shed models available at Superior Sheds. Our styles include the Bungalow, Country Inn, Cabana, and Double and Triple Wide options.

  • The Bungalow

    Our Bungalow-style sheds look like small homes but offer maximum space. They have a lap-sided aluminum exterior and an enamel finish which is made to be durable and requires minimum maintenance throughout its lifetime. The Bungalow can take up to 170 mph of wind load.

  • The Country Inn

    Offering a more rustic and simpler design, the Country Inn-style sheds are good for homeowners with a deed restriction. Many roof options are offered, including shingles, Perma Tile Steel, Advantage Panel Steel, or Aluminum Lap. The Country Inn’s wind load is 170 mph and is also available at 200 mph.

  • The Cabana

    Cabana-style sheds have similar specs to the Country Inn but have a more contemporary, Floridian look with an island-inspired design. This style shed has various roof and siding options to match any home. The Cabana’s wind load is 170 mph and is also available at 200 mph.

  • The Double/Triple Wide

    Our double and triple wide shed models are a great option if you need extra space to store a large vehicle or to even create a guestroom. They can be built as large as 20’ X 36’ and their wind load is up to 190 mph.

Your Source for Durable Florida Sheds

Superior Sheds provides a variety of shed options for versatile and spacious outdoor storage. Our experienced staff can help you design and install the perfect structure to fit your style, budget, and needs. For more information on the body, roof, trim, and colors we carry, contact us by calling 1-877-439-7433 or email us at to discuss your specific building requirements.