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What Happens if You Build a Shed Without a Permit? 

What Happens if You Build a Shed Without a Permit?

Before you build your shed without a permit, it is important to consider the penalties and consequences that can be imposed. Here is what could happen if you build your shed in Florida without a permit.

Consequences of Building Sheds Without a Permit

 Consider the following factors before building your shed without a permit:

  1. If you live in a community regulated by a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), they can demand that you remove your non-permitted shed and issue you HOA penalties if you fail to do so. You will need to get their permission on top of getting the permit to ensure your shed is compliant with HOA rules.
  2. Some of the most common complaints made by neighbors include noisy building commotion and obstructions that are visible from the road or located too close to their property line. If your neighbors file complaints to the city or your HOA board, you may face consequences and be forced to tear down your unpermitted shed.
  3. Building without a permit can result in hefty fines. Depending on your jurisdiction, first-time offenders can be fined up to $50,000 and up to $100,000 for the second offense.
  4. The city can put a lien on your house if you build a shed without a permit, ignore multiple issued warnings, and neglect to open the notice of violation that is received in the mail. Once you pay your fines, however, the lien will be removed from your property.
  5. Depending on the state you reside in, if your shed is either 100-120 square feet in size or has plumbing installed, it will need a permit.

Obtaining a permit is the first step toward ensuring that your shed is built to code, is structurally sound, and in compliance with your HOA’s standards. Not only does having a permit ensure your legal safety, but it also gives you peace of mind that your shed will be around to serve you for a long time without complaint. If you are looking for a structure that can withstand Florida’s intense climate, turn to the professionals at Superior Sheds.

Durable Sheds Available at Superior Sheds

From sheds and steel buildings to gazebos and carports, Superior Sheds provides a variety of options for versatile and spacious outdoor living and storage. The durable shed models we have to offer include:

  • The Bungalow

    This classically styled shed looks like a small home but offers maximum space for your equipment, items, and supplies. The Bungalow requires minimum maintenance throughout its lifetime and is durable due to its lap-sided aluminum exterior and an enamel finish. It offers a variety of options for entryways, garage doors, vents, windows, and any electrical setup.

  • The Country Inn

    This rustic, simple shed model is designed with a western style while providing additional storage space. The Country Inn is perfect for those that require or have a deed restriction, and is available in vinyl, perma board, and wood grain siding options.

  • The Cabana

    Providing a contemporary, Floridian feel with inspirational island flair, the Cabana offers porch, Bahama-style windows, and door upgrades for a homier feel.

Ready to Build Your Superior Shed?

The experienced staff at Superior Sheds can help you obtain a permit and design a customized shed that fits your style, budget, and needs. For more information on the body, roof, trim, and colors we carry, contact us by calling 1-877-439-7433 to discuss your specific building requirements.