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What Happens if You Build a Shed Without HOA Approval? 

What Happens if You Build a Shed Without HOA Approval?

For many homeowners, one of the most tedious things about making improvements to your property is having to get the approval of your HOA board. Whether you want to paint your house or add structures like a carport or storage shed, the hassle of dealing with delays, disputes, and red tape can be a growing source of frustration.

However, if you choose to go ahead and build a shed without first getting HOA approval, you could face strict penalties and consequences.

Consequences When You Build a Shed Without Approval

Often, building a shed without your HOA’s permission can result in a warning. After repeated warnings are issued, you could be fined and ordered to tear the structure down. You will also incur a cost to cover the expenses associated with hiring someone to tear down, remove, and dispose of your shed. Ultimately, foregoing HOA approval can result in a whole lot of time, effort, and money down the drain.

6 HOA Shed Building Restrictions

In order to avoid such costly penalties, you will need to fit within the following six categories of common HOA shed building restrictions.

  1. Approval

    First and foremost, you should obtain HOA approval to build your shed. This will usually involve submitting a plan and drawings to your HOA board. While it can be a hassle, doing so will ensure that your shed won’t cause any issues down the road.

  2. Materials

    In some communities, you will only be allowed to build using certain materials. This is usually meant to ensure that the community maintains a uniform aesthetic from property to property.

  3. Maximum Height

    Typically, there will be restrictions on how tall your shed can be. Make sure your shed does not exceed them.

  4. Positioning

    Some HOAs will be particular about where you place your shed. For example, they may want you to keep it in your backyard and out of sight from the street.

  5. Quality

    Your HOA may also have a requirement regarding the quality of your shed. For example, they may insist that your shed has solid flooring, which may mean you won’t be able to use gravel as a foundational material.

  6. Total Footprint

    Similarly to maximum height, there are also usually dimensional restrictions regarding how many square feet the shed can take up.

Keep in mind that the specifics in each category will vary from HOA to HOA, which is why it is so important to figure out the building requirements for your community before attempting to build a shed on your property.

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