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What Size Shed Can I Build Without a Permit in Florida? 

A large percentage of Florida homeowners invest in outdoor storage sheds to have extra space on their property to keep important belongings safe and sound. However, state regulations put limits on who can build a shed and at what size. Such regulations require a permit for shed building in certain areas. Permits can be a hassle to obtain and often call for inconvenient fees and extensive safety protocols. While you can certainly build a shed with no permit, you should first be familiar with your state’s building codes before starting construction.

How to Build a Shed With No Permit 

Shed building codes vary by county or municipality, and with that, so do the rules regarding the size limits to build a shed with no permit. The allowed size of the shed you want to build sans permit will depend on where you want to build it. From as far south as Miami-Dade to further north near Lake County, sheds built with permits can range within nearly 100 square feet. However, building a shed with no permit generally involves stricter limits on size, often only allowing the construction of smaller structures. Nonetheless, it is always important to obtain approval from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation before constructing a shed without a permit.

Drawbacks to Building a Shed on Your Own

The process of obtaining a permit to build your own storage shed can come with its own share of consequences. Even if you obtained a permit to build your own shed, you are solely responsible for its construction and whatever damages are imposed on your structure. This could mean a rise in your flood insurance if a hurricane or other weather-related event leads to flooding and property damage in your shed. 

Building a storage shed on your own can offer more risk than reward in the state of Florida. Save significant spending, labor, and time by having your permitted shed built using the services of Superior Sheds. 

Rely on Superior Sheds to Build Your Sizable Florida Shed

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