Why Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine is the Industry’s Best

Why Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine is the Industry’s Best 

When it comes to the construction of your new gazebo, we only use the industry’s best products. Southern yellow pine’s unique cellular structure allows deep and consistent penetration of preservatives, protecting it from fungi, termites, and micro-organisms. Known to be one of the strongest, most versatile varieties of wood, southern yellow pine is an ideal product to use.

When properly treated and installed, yellow pine can last for decades, which means you and your family will always be able to enjoy your beautiful custom-built gazebo. Odorless and colorless treatments are used to safeguard the wood from outside elements, but the gazebo can still be sealed, stained, or painted for added protection.

Other benefits to using southern yellow pine are that it’s:

  • Abundantly grown across the southern United States
  • Incredibly strong and dense
  • Naturally beautiful
  • An excellent fastener-holding power and load-bearing capacity
  • A quality product
  • Resistant to decay and rotting
  • One of the most durable softwoods available

Gazebos can serve multiple purposes. They can be a welcoming retreat – a lovely, peaceful, and private place to relax. Or, they can have lights and speakers added to them, making gazebos the perfect place to entertain.

If you’re looking for a great way to spend your days enjoying the Florida weather, let Superior Sheds help you design a gazebo to match your home or business. We offer square, oblong, and octagonal models built with southern pine pressure treated lumber. Choose from a variety of roof options such as metal, shingles, and cedar. We can even add a screen to keep the insects out. For more information or to begin your gazebo project, call us today at 386-774-9861.