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How to Consider Designing a Garden Shed 

How to Consider Designing a Garden Shed

While you can purchase a plain, pre-made garden shed for your backyard that is probably good enough to suit your space and storage needs, designing a garden shed yourself can be incredibly fulfilling and end up complementing your home perfectly. However, before you start hammering away and investing in any shed project materials, here’s a basic list of what to consider when designing a garden shed.

6 Tips For Designing Your Garden Shed

Because it is a standalone structure, designing a garden shed may seem like a large and intimidating project. However, once you break it down into the essential parts and processes, the possibility of designing a garden shed becomes much more manageable.

  1. Permits

    Check your local or H.O.A. regulations to make sure building a shed is even allowed, whether you need a permit or not, and any restrictions concerning where you can place it.

  2. Size

    A shed can be a great storage space, but only if you make it big enough for what you’re storing. Consider what you need out of your shed and design its dimensions from there.

  3. Roof

    Your garden shed’s roof should be designed with heavy weather, like rain and wind, in mind. Ensure that you invest in durable materials that can withstand extreme weather.

  4. Foundation

    Different climates and areas require different styles of concrete foundation. Also, the size of the shed will affect whether you can get by with concrete pavers or need a more sturdy slab of concrete.

  5. Location

    When placing your shed, ask yourself if it would function better if placed in a corner or near the house. Do want your shed to cover up any part of your property? Evaluate the layout of your yard and think about where you use your garden tools most often.

  6. Insulation and Moisture

    Properly protecting the inside of your shed from severe temperature changes and humidity can prevent future problems and damage, so make sure to seal and insulate your shed’s interior to keep your items at the right temperature and free of damage.

Other Garden Shed Designing Considerations

It’s also important to think about what you’ll use your garden shed for. A shed can not only function as a storage space for garden tools and equipment, but it can also potentially serve as a workshop for a hobby or just a place to relax.

You may also want to consider adding electricity or lighting, or, depending on your needs, perhaps even plumbing if your local rules permit it. In addition to the color and style of your garden shed’s building materials, the types of walls and flooring and the placement of windows and doors can be customized, as well.

As you can see, there are a lot of considerations to make when designing your shed. However, if you lack the time, tools, or training to undertake such an involved and laborious project, then consult with the shed design and installation professionals at Superior Sheds.

Your Superior Garden Shed Designer and Supplier

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