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Making the Most out of Your Shed 

Owning a shed is as rewarding as you make it. There are two types of shed owners: those who put a little effort into maintaining their shed, and those who don’t.

Everyone knows the second type of shed owner because rickety, beaten-up, filthy, rotting excuses for sheds abound in neighborhoods everywhere. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Maintaining a clean, functional shed does not take a Herculean effort, but a few small steps.

Keep It Organized

Many people don’t go in their shed for months or even years because they can’t bear how disorganized the space is. They use it as a place to throw old, dirty lawn equipment and mildew-ridden pool floats.

Who would want to venture into (or even think about) a cluttered, shabby place like this? Fight against the urge to use your shed as a glorified trashcan by organizing your shed.

Use hooks and shelves to keep tools and equipment off the ground, and put other stray items in marked bins. This way, you will be able to walk around in your shed and know exactly where everything is.

Keep It Clean

Your shed should not be a place you can’t wait to get out of as soon as you enter. No, your tool shed doesn’t need to be cleaner than your house.

But it can’t have dirt all over the floor, cockroaches lurking behind every bag of fertilizer, and mold growing in the ceiling. These things will keep you from wanting anything to do with your shed.

After you have the space organized, sweep out the mess and get any unwanted critters out. Then, repair any wear-and-tear to doors, windows, or the roof that could allow rainwater, rats, or bugs to get inside. 

Keep It Close

Reflect back on every dilapidated, neglected shed you’ve seen: where was it on the property? Most likely, it was tucked away in a back corner or on the side of the house, out of sight and out of mind.

You are far more likely to let your shed fall to pieces if you can’t see it regularly. There’s a simple solution to this problem – put it in a more prominent and useful location.

Not only will the shed be more accessible when you actually do need to use it, but it will force you to keep it in good condition to avoid being tagged as a neglectful shed owner.

Your Central Florida Shed Experts

At Superior Sheds, we can build you a shed that meets your specific needs and desires. Our sheds are all hand-built at our facility to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Florida.

When you want a shed that you would be proud to show off to your neighbors, contact you local shed manufacturer, Superior Sheds.