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Our Country Inn Shed Offers Functionality and Style 

While your first concern when buying a shed may be about its functionality, you don’t want to put anything on your property that could be a potential eyesore. Luckily, there are many great styles available, which allow you to choose a shed that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Country Inn model is designed for those looking to buy a shed for storage, but who also want something that is customized to fit their style. We offer multiple colors, sizes, siding and roof options, and can attach a porch for additional space. To give your shed even more character, choose from a variety of entry doors, garage doors, windows, and vents. You can also customize your shed to coordinate with your house.

Just remember that if you’re using your shed for storage, you’ll want to take in consideration where the doors and windows will be placed to ensure you make the most of the space inside.

Choose a style that reflects your personality, and that’ll work well with your landscape. Then, make sure to pick a practical location for your shed, which will allow you to access it conveniently anytime. 

At Superior Sheds, our variety of styles, sizes, and options allow you to build and design your shed for functionality without having to compromise on appearance. For inspiration, browse our Country Inn shed gallery to see some of the designs we have helped our customers create. To get started designing your shed, call us today at 386-774-9861.