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Pros and Cons of Having Windows on Your Shed 

We like to think of sheds as multi-functional spaces. There are endless possibilities for shed use — if you can think of a new space you need at your home, you can probably do it with a shed. This is in no small part due to there being several different designs of shed you can choose from. One of the main differences between shed designs is that some have windows, and some do not. But which one is right for you? To help you make a more informed decision, here are some pros and cons about having windows on your shed.

Pro: Your shed will be more stylish.

A shed without windows looks like a big, unsightly box. It is unexciting and uninspiring, a place worthy for dirty garden tools and that’s about it. But a shed with windows is much more interesting. It makes the shed seem more like a charming little house and suggests that it is a place worth being inside.

Pro: Windows can increase air flow.

On a hot summer’s day, or even on a mild day for that matter, the air inside a windowless shed can get stuffy and stale. That is perfectly fine if you don’t plan on ever spending more than a couple of seconds at a time inside, but if your shed is supposed to be an office or reading nook, that won’t work. Windows can breathe new life into sheds by allowing fresh air to enter and stale air to escape, making it much more pleasant to be in.

Pro: Windows let in natural light.

A shed without windows is a dark shed. Again, that’s not a problem for tools or your lawnmower, but it will be for you. While it is entirely possible to hook up your shed with electricity, it is far simpler to have a window light the interior of the shed. This can allow you to use the shed as a workshop or even a greenhouse, but it also makes the simple task of finding something stored inside much easier.

Con: Poorly sealed windows could let in bugs and water.

The more openings you have, the greater the chance of bugs or small rodents making their way into your shed. It’s just common sense. If your window isn’t installed properly, it will likely not seal off your shed from the outside. Old, dilapidated sheds are a favorite shelter of mice, lizards, frogs, roaches, and other undesirable critters, so be sure to maintain your shed well, whether it has windows or not. You’ll also want to ensure the windows seal properly to prevent water from leaking in and causing damage.

Con: Thieves can break in more easily.

Windows are easy targets for thieves. All they have to do is smash them to make it inside the shed, and they’d much rather prefer that to breaking down a door. If you plan on having valuable or desirable items in your shed and it is in an accessible location, you might want to put curtains on the windows. Or, you could go with a skylight instead to provide natural light.

Looking for a new shed for your backyard? Superior Sheds has you covered with four basic types of sheds you can choose from: the classic bungalow shed, the tropical cabana shed, the rustic country inn shed, and the double or triple wide shed. While windows can take the shed prices up a little more, it is a definite value add with its own pros and cons. Contact us today to discuss size options,  windows, and any other upgrades that you want!